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Overall Responsibility:

Jointly responsible with the Project Manager for the overall success of the project.  Responsible for meeting schedule, controlling costs, and managing manpower and equipment (if applicable) on assigned project.  Provides continuous hands-on field supervision of all construction operations, including subcontractors and other construction related personnel; directing them in the planning, scheduling, and execution of work on time, within budget, and with high standards of workmanship.  Attains or exceeds profit goals and promotes workplace safety while meeting or exceeding owner’s expectations.  Promotes a positive company image.  Is the leader on every project and is ultimately responsible for its operational success.

Key Performance Areas:

The Contract

  • Builds project in accordance with all project contract documents, plans and specifications.
  • For company’s scope of work on project, ensures compliance with all building codes and local ordinances.  Confirms permit requirements, and documents inspections in accordance with company and regulatory guidelines.
  • Becomes thoroughly familiar with project contract documents, payment method, plans, specifications, subcontracts, purchase orders, shop drawings, key dates (milestones, substantial completion and completion), liquidated damages and all other documents related to the project.
  • Inspects job site and documents any preexisting conditions (Photographs or videos if deemed necessary).
  • Ensures accurate layout of work in accordance with project plans and specifications and verifies same. 
  • Responsible for maintaining professional relations with Owner, Engineer and other members of the construction team.  Ensures that appropriate parties are informed regarding major changes in the construction plan (Grand Plan), schedule, means and methods or re-allocation of resources.
  • Identifies, measures, and reports to PM work changes as they pertain to the contract documents.  Participates in pricing of changed/additional work. Documents, or delegate’s documentation, of all additional work performed via daily reports/Superintendent’s diaries. 

 Grand Plan / Means & methods

  • In concert with the Project Manager, and prior to beginning work, develops a Grand Plan/Schedule of operation and effectively communicates to all employees. 
  • Participates in the preparation and communication of construction execution plan, progress schedule, and projection of labor and equipment requirements. 
  • Effectively utilizes resources, i.e. people, equipment, and materials.
  • Supervises subcontractors (if applicable) to ensure quality and schedule requirements.  Advises appropriate parties of subcontractor’s performance, if applicable.
  • Organizes all trades in relation to project schedule.
  • Practices good construction techniques/fundamentals that will be beneficial to the project and the company.
  • Keeps work in process to a minimum and embraces the concept of Done, Done, Done.
  • Clearly conveys potential risks and areas of concern to the Project Manager.  Works in concert with the Project Manager to resolve conflicts and mitigate risks.
  • Constantly monitors and evaluates costs and analyzes same for improvements.


  • Works with Project Manager / other company representatives to develop job schedule that is consistent with company’s responsibilities and commitments.  Reviews schedule during project to ensure deadlines are met, notifies appropriate parties of all delays or potential delays and documents delays.  With the project manager, ensures that schedule is updated.
  • Preplans and communicates project activities using short interval schedules as required.  Attends pre-construction and construction meetings as necessary.  Constantly verifies material and resource delivery requirements and ensures adequate flow as to not impede progress.  Plans ahead.
  • Identifies and manages work on critical path.  Identifies potential and actual work slippages and develops and implements recovery plan. Reports slippages to Project Manager.  Focuses on critical path items, or near critical work items.  Delivers project on schedule.


  • Prior to construction, reviews with Project Manger and submits comments on detail budget, time restraints, cost codes, and purchase control. 
  • Reviews cost status report for accuracy and integrity.  Investigates and takes corrective action in areas of indicated or potential overruns.  Maintains or improves margin through well-planned and improved operations.
  • Supplies feedback to estimating for future projects and post mortem. In conjunction with estimating, identifies key items to track and document production for future use.
  • Accurately documents labor and equipment usage so the costs reflect the actual work performed in the field.


  • Establishes a contractually acceptable level of quality by which all completed work is measured.  Communicates same.
  • Is responsible for day-to-day quality control of both company-performed / subcontractor work and ensures that work conforms to Contract requirements and company standards.  Proactively identifies and corrects non-conforming work expeditiously and competently. 
  • Prepares and completes a contractor punch list prior to architect / owner punch list.
  • Manages architect’s / owner’s punch list.
  • Finishes work as they go so the punch list is short. Expects the same of all subcontractors.
  • Is in direct charge of safety and accident/incident control for the project.  Understands, communicates and enforces safety policy on project at all times. Demonstrates a safety conscious behavior for other employees to emulate.
  • Investigates and reports all incidents and near-misses to the Safety Department, management, and Owner /GC/Customer (if required). 
  • Is responsible for on-site safety meetings and implementation of effective safety programs. 
  • Is responsible for meeting all OSHA and VOSHA standards and the enforcement of Miss Utility policy for entire project. 
  • Assures that project is maintained in an orderly, clean, secure, and professional manner.

Employee Development

  • Is responsible for recruitment, deployment and termination of hourly field personnel in accordance with company business needs and policies. 
  • Identifies, trains, and develops outstanding employees for greater responsibilities, and recommends such individuals for promotion.  Supports corporate training and development efforts.
  • Supports employees in their own personal development.
  • Effectively motivates employees to achieve desired results.
  • Ensures compliance with all Federal, State and Local labor laws.

Indicative Behaviors:

  • Encourages expression of new or innovative ideas.
  • Involves all appropriate people in the decision making process.
  • Ensures that employees understand how their work contributes to overall organizational goals and objectives.
  • Listens to ideas and concerns of others without interrupting.
  • Provides recognition and feedback to others when their assignments are carried out well.
  • Takes pride in the accomplishments of his / her fellow group or team members.
  • Demonstrates his / her respect for the opinions / views of others.
  • Accepts full responsibility for decisions / actions that he / she makes.
  • Is accessible to co-workers.
  • Clearly and decisively makes decisions.
  • Participates in problem solution as well as problem identification.
  • Actively seeks the assistance of others when needed.
  • Supports employees in their own personal development.
  • Supports training and development efforts.
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner.
  • Provides positive/constructive feedback to others.
  • Focuses on the good of the entire company rather than his / her department or function.
  • Acts in an ethical manner.
  • Makes efficient use of company resources.
  • Encourages employees to make improvements in their work processes.
  • Demonstrates dedication to quality and customer service.
  • Acts with a sense of urgency, is aggressive (as needed) and assertive.
  • Acts in a professional manner.

Demonstrated Capabilities

  • Establishes positive relationships with owners, owner’s reps, architects, engineers, employees and the public (the entire project team).
  • Constantly looks for innovative ways to approach work.
  • Always aware of the critical path and mitigates slippages by recovery schedules if needed.
  • Instills a thrifty, business like attitude in employees by explaining job loss / profit and its effect on individual pay rates, ESOP gains, and other company benefits.
  • Understands different building systems and their interface with each other.
  • Takes pride in work. 
  • Recognizes employee strengths and weaknesses and makes assignments accordingly.

Knowledge, Education, Skills & Abilities Required:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Working knowledge of standards, specifications, codes, regulations and laws
  • Knowledge of construction techniques, 8 – 10 years experience in construction, 3 – 5 years in a supervisory
  • position
  • Good communication skills; both oral and written
  • Working knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • Must meet Branch Group Fleet Policy requirements and maintain “Approved Driver” status.

Working Conditions:

Individual works primarily in the field on active construction sites with irregular terrain and moving equipment.  Subjected to outdoor weather conditions and working near or adjacent to the traveling public.