Shipyard Rigger with Government Clearance

Chesapeake, VA posted on September 28

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    HIRING: Shipyard Rigger in Chesapeake, VA

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    CLP is currently hiring Riggers for an upcoming project in the NNSY, Portsmouth, VA area.

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    Riggers Job Description

    ·         Cables, ropes, pulleys, winches, blocks, and sheaves according to weight and size of load to be moved.

    ·         Moves large, heavy objects and machinery in open and confined spaces, considers factors such as size, shape and location.

    ·         Coordinate and direct other workers and the movement of equipment to accomplish the task.

    ·         Set up and inspect equipment, performing minor repairs as needed.

    ·         Lube and maintain the drum and cables, making adjustments if needed.

    ·         Assemble rigging to lift and move equipment/materials in worksite.

    ·         Set up and brace hoisting equipment using hand tools or power wrenches.

    ·         Use machinery to move construction materials, earth, petroleum products, or other heavy materials.

    Job Requirements

    ·         Government clearance

    Ideal Candidates

    ·         Experience preferred

    ·         Committed to safety at all times

    ·         Reliable attendance

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