Ship Fitter ( SF-6006)

Richmond, VA posted on April 9

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Kelsey Morgan Jacksonville, FL (32225)
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We are currently hiring Ship Fitters in Virginia!


Job Description:

Lays out and fabricates metal structural parts, such as plates, bulkheads, and frames, and braces them in position within hull of ship for riveting or welding: Lays out position of parts on metal, working from blueprints or templates and using scribe and hand tools. Locates and marks reference lines, such as center, buttock, and frame lines. Positions parts in hull of ship, assisted by RIGGER (ship-boat mfg.). Aligns parts in relation to each other, using jacks, turnbuckles, clips, wedges, and mauls. Marks location of holes to be drilled and installs temporary fasteners to hold part in place for welding or riveting. Installs packing, gaskets, liners, and structural accessories and members, such as doors, hatches, brackets, and clips. May prepare molds and templates for fabrication of nonstandard parts. May tack weld clips and brackets in place prior to permanent welding. May roll, bend, flange, cut, and shape plates, beams, and other heavy metal parts, using shop machinery, such as plate rolls, presses, bending brakes, and joggle machines.


Ship Fitter Applicant Requirements:

Performs layout, fabrication, assembly, installation, operation, maintenance, modification, and testing of mechanical components, apparatus and equipment.
Sets up and operates equipment, test apparatus, test equipment, diagnostic devices and related equipment.
Drafts detail drawings or sketches for drafting room completion or to request parts.
Devises, fabricates and assembles new or modified mechanical components or assemblies.
Builds experimental apparatus, instrumentation or systems of moderate complexity.
 Constructs components or subassemblies of experimental apparatus or prototype models.

 Records test procedures and results, performs routine analysis and calculations; and makes recommendations for changes in equipment, product or test methods.  
Participates in special projects as required. 

Must be able to pass a 7 year criminal background check

Must have a current resume

Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds

Must be okay with any shift


A high school diploma or equivalent 
3-5 years of related experience fabricating, maintaining and repairing mechanical components.
Must be OSHA 10, VSRA and fire watch certified


Please call Ameri-Force Recruiters at 1-800-522-8998 for more information.

Please E-Mail or Fax your resume


Fax: 904-798-1720


Company History:

Ameri-Force was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1991 with the goal of satisfying the increasing demand for industrial and marine craftsmen. Since then we have grown to the demand of a popular industry. We are happy to serve you and welcome you into the Ameri-Force family.