Project Manager - Branch & Associates

Roanoke, VA posted on July 24


Jointly responsible with the Superintendent for the overall success of assigned project(s).  Oversees or participates in the allocation of resources to ensure a safe, timely, and quality project while meeting all project goals.  Is the primary contact with Owner’s representative(s), Subcontractors, Suppliers and other company departments / personnel and pursues exemplary business relationships with same.  Serves as “Flag Waver” by promoting the Vision of The Branch Group, Inc.  Makes red lights turn green, keeps green lights green.  

  • Reads, understands, and ensures compliance with all elements of all required/applicable contracts.  Is the Company’s authority on contract between the Owner, GC, etc. and the Company and apprises owner’s representative of potential contractual conflicts where appropriate and works to resolve in a mutually beneficial manner.
  • Ensures performance of all contract administrative management functions as appropriate or once project is assigned.
  • Attends all meetings w/ owner’s representative.  Calls meetings as necessary to clarify or settle major issues.  Professionally settles issues with owner’s representative to build lasting business relationships
  • Develops or approves the appropriate schedule of values for prime and/or subcontract billings.
  • Prepares and reviews with all appropriate parties and submits by established billing date payment requisitions.  Manages Receivables to ensure timely payment.
  • Reviews and approves monthly subcontractor pay requisitions.  Ascertains that necessary accompanying documents (e.g. Lien releases) that may be required are received with pay requests.  Ensures subcontractor is notified of missing or incomplete information to help expedite payment. 
  • Ensures that subcontracts are drafted and executed in a timely fashion to facilitate project schedule.  (Cooperative effort with Estimating.)
  • Ensures the acquisition of permits, bonds, and insurance through appropriate channels as required.
  • Manages and monitors the RFI system.  Proactively follows-up with Engineer / owner’s representative to facilitate project schedule. 
  • Closely monitors all Subcontractor performance in order to ensure that each subcontractor is in compliance with all provisions and requirements of his/her contract with Company.  Works closely with superintendent to assist / supplement underperforming subcontractors.
  • Proactively manages and monitors the shop drawing submittal process. Ensures that all field records are being kept.  Performs periodic audits.
  • Documents important transactions, agreements, delays, or events relating to contract, (e.g., photos, videotaping, Event Log, etc.) to ensure company’s best interest is served and protected.
  • Ensures that changes are correctly posted to budget and other job tracking systems.
  • Efficiently completes project closeout in accordance with contract document and collects retainage in a timely manner. 
  • Prices, negotiates, and collects for all change orders and extra work.    (Major changes may require estimating assistance and executive approval.)  Fosters positive relationship with owner in pricing change orders and extra work.
  • Provides detailed information of all changed conditions to the Superintendent and appropriate field personnel.
  • To the degree assigned in the particular company, participates in, performs or directs the buyout of the project.  Solicits, acquires, and contracts vendors and subs for items not covered in the initial buyout.
  • Knows and controls costs of completing the project.  Prepares and reports projects financial status on a monthly basis including cost & revenue projections, and any outstanding issues.
  • Develops new business opportunities relative to a client or group of clients.  Manages current project so that company is “first choice” when client has new work.
  • Reviews all vendor invoices related to the project, ensuring all negotiated prices are upheld and the Company only pays for what we receive in usable condition.  Approves or rejects invoices accordingly and negotiates back charges with vendors where appropriate.
  • If in a Company that utilizes Project Engineers and a Project Engineering Start-Up Checklist, ensures all Project Engineering Start-Up Checklists items are completed prior to mobilization. (See Attached Checklist)
  • Develops an effective plan in conjunction with the Superintendent for constructing the project and helps determine the means and methods necessary (including individual work activities) to meet project goals. 
  • Communicates the planned means and methods to appropriate parties associated with the project to ensure understanding of goals and responsibilities. 
  • Ensures that the means and methods of construction employed will maximize production, assure quality, minimize costs, and promote safety. 
  • Monitors work to ensure that means and methods are followed and are effective, makes and communicates changes in means and methods if necessary to ensure project success.
  • Ensures that company brand (axioms) on projects is enforced and apparent (visible.)
  • Ensures all means and methods are in compliance with all Company policies and procedures, all local, state, and federal regulations, and will comply with all contract provisions.
  • Manages the design process on design-build projects including the design engineer firm and reviews plans for constructability and cost savings.


  • Develops a schedule in conjunction with the Superintendent that complies with the customer’s needs, adheres to the terms of the contract, and supports the planning needs of the company. 
  • Maintains and updates the schedule ensuring appropriate documentation of changes and distribution to others.  Provides notice to owner’s representative, if others are affecting scheduling milestones, and makes recommendations for changes.
  • Schedules, supervises, and attends internal and external pre-construction conferences.
  • Interfaces with subcontractors and/or vendors to ascertain that work and materials are on schedule.  If not on schedule, remedies the problem by developing and implementing a recovery plan that does not adversely affect the budget. 


  • Assumes responsibility for profit margins and fully manages all financial aspects of the project.  Monitors and maintains the minimum profit margin projected at job start.
  • Reports to appropriate personnel deviations in margins, costs to complete (“Projections”), contingent liabilities, or other matters affecting projected margins.
  • Mitigates the effects of deviations to the project budget.
  • Identifies discount opportunities, both during purchasing process, and at time of payment and coordinates these activities with appropriate personnel.  (Shared responsibility with Accounting.)
  • Oversees field purchases by monitoring and approving (if necessary and as appropriate) job-site purchase orders and invoices to assure compliance with company policies and budget.
  • Identifies potential risks to the profit margin and discusses those risks with the Superintendent to try to mitigate them. Continually monitors those areas to ensure all field personnel are aware of the budget constraints for that work.


  • Understands, commits to, and effectively communicates, the concepts and merit of our corporate philosophy of “Done, Done, Done.”
  • Ensures that quality standards of the contract are included in all subcontracts and other agreements.
  • Maintains excellent customer satisfaction levels at all times by timely addressing client concerns.  Assures that all correspondence, submittals, shop drawings, billings, etc., are produced with a high level of professionalism.
  • Ensures that work completed meets or exceeds contract requirements.
  • Develops a punch list and manages the closeout process to ensure that nonconforming work is corrected and that owner’s representative’s acceptance is smooth and timely.  Ensures resolution of areas of non-compliance.
  • Facilitates appropriate inspections and testing to ensure that the project is constructed to the quality requirements of contract documents, and meets or exceeds governmental regulatory requirements.
  • When product suitability or installation is questioned, obtains services of a recognized expert in the given field, reports findings to appropriate parties. 
  • Ensures that all closeout documents, warranties, and extra stock is properly submitted to the owner.  Ensures all warranty is completed in accordance with contract documents and company policies.
  • Provides venue and content for “After Action Reviews” (post mortems) for submittal to management or estimating.


  • Vigorously communicates, supports, and enforces corporate safety effort.
  • Proactively reviews site for safe working conditions and investigates and reports any Near-Miss incidents.
  • Cooperates with Corporate Safety managers to ensure OSHA and VOSH compliance at jobsites.
  • Conducts and reports post-incident investigations in conjunction with the Superintendent.
  • Participates in corporate safety committee meetings as required.
  • Demonstrates a safety conscious behavior for others to emulate.


  • Cooperates in the communication and enforcement of all EEO / Affirmative action policies and procedures.  Complies with and assists in adherence to the company’s Code of Conduct.
  • Promotes a work environment that fosters good employee morale with emphasis on mutual respect.
  • Knows and lives the Vision of The Branch Group to effectively demonstrate its intent to coworkers, subordinates, owners and other stakeholders.
  • Cooperates, participates in, and encourages the participation of others in corporate and outside training programs.
  • Works with superintendents annually on job performance review of field personnel, making them aware of performance successes or deficiencies and informing them of promotional opportunities.
  • If in a company that utilizes field or project engineers, assists in their training and development.


  • Provides assistance to other departments to maximize company opportunities.
  • Effectively manages assigned support staff.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned. 
  • Continually looks for future work opportunities and develops contacts at industry events and reports them to management and/or estimating.


  • Makes decisions in a timely manner.  Clearly and decisively makes and communicates decisions.
  • Confronts problems and / or conflicts when they occur rather than procrastinating.
  • Does what he / she says he / she will do.
  • Accepts full responsibility for decisions / actions he / she makes / takes.
  • Holds people accountable in the achievement of agreed upon goals.
  • Supports training and development efforts.
  • Takes charge of a situation when it is warranted / appropriate.
  • Encourages people to come to him / her with problems.
  • Displays visionary, strategic thinking.
  • Conducts oneself in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Wholeheartedly promotes the vision of TBG.
  • Is assertive (preferred) and aggressive (as needed).


  • Effectively communicates with employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Is an effective decision maker.
  • Possesses a sense of urgency in pursuing completion of job responsibilities.  Has initiative to “get things done.”
  • Removes obstacles that get in the way of others’ ability to act.
  • Resolves conflict in a professional manner.
  • Provides proper guidance and leadership for subordinates.
  • Conduct’s oneself in such a manner as will reflect credit upon the company and encourage others to do likewise.
  • Understands motivational work psychology.
  • Accepts change with positive attitude.


Any combination of education and experience providing the required skills and knowledge for the successful performance would be qualifying.  Typical qualifications would be equivalent to:

  • Completion of the 12th grade, supplemented with a minimum of 10 years progressive construction experience, of which at least five years must have been in a leadership capacity.
  • Completion of a minimum of an Associates degree in an Engineering, Construction Management, or Business related field supplemented by a minimum of 7 years progressive construction experience of which at least three years must have been in a leadership capacity.
  • Completion of a four-year degree in an Engineering, Construction Management or a Business related field supplemented with a minimum of five years progressive construction experience, three of which must have been in a leadership capacity.
  • Must meet Branch Group Fleet Policy requirements and maintain “Approved Driver” status.

This position requires frequent field visits, 50% field and 50% office or as necessary.  Active construction sites have irregular terrain and moving equipment and may involve working near or adjacent to the traveling public.