Pipe Coverer (PC-7001)

Newport News, VA posted on October 20

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Kelsey Morgan Jacksonville, FL (32225)
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Pipe Coverer (PC-7001)DescriptionThe Insulators will be working to install, remove, and repair molded insulation which includes calcium silicate, tempmat, and finishing cement to various size piping systems. This work will be in a shipyard.

Job Requirements

-Minimum of 3 years of recent field experience in a shipyard as a Pipe Coverer or Insulator
-Experience needed in applying molded pipe sections to various steam pipe systems
-Experience in applying tempmat and block insulation to components such as turbines, pumps, etc.
-Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screening (Hair follicle) 
-Must be able to pass a background check (no felonies) 

To Apply

Please call Ameri-Force Recruiters at 1-800-522-8998 for more information.
To apply, please E-mail or Fax your resume and follow up within 48 hours.
Fax: 904-798-1720

Company History

Ameri-Force was founded in Jacksonville, Fl in 1991 with the goal of satisfying the increasing demand for industrial and marine craftsmen. Since then we have grown to the demand of a popular industry. We are happy to serve you and welcome you into the Ameri-Force family.