Outside Machinists (OSM-7001)

Newport News, VA posted on August 5

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Kelsey Morgan Jacksonville, FL (32225)
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Ameriforce is hiring first class Outside Machinists in  Newport News,VA

Job Description :
They must be able to demonstrate a proficiency in maintaining, installing, testing, and repairing mechanical equipment such as pumps, motors, valves, fans, compressors, conveyor systems, etc. All work is to be completed in the Shipyard.

- All applicants must have a current resume 
- Must have  4 years of commercial/navy experience as a first class machinist
- Must be able to pass a background check with NO FELONIES  pre-employment drug screen (HAIR FOLLICLE)

Recommended Skills
•    Use of lapping and blue checking tools (Liner sizes/soft foot
•    Working knowledge of shipbuilding terms and nomenclature
•    Valve overhaul (steam and wog)
•    Air conditioning hydro
•    AC and Refrigeration repair. 
•    Installation of main engine, propulsion plant machinery and equipment
•    Installation of aircraft elevator 
•    Testing main engine
•    Installation of anchor windlass
•    Installation of arresting gear
•    Installation of mast and antenna
•    Steam plant cleanliness
•    Ability to comprehend complex drawings, blueprints, diagrams, and sketches
•    Installation of noise equipment
•    Precision instruments
•    Drilling/tapping
•    Test boiler operations
•    Optical alignments
•    Hydrostatic testing of systems
•    Install boiler tube replacement
•    Installation of sea valves
•    System grooming
•    Operate boring bar
•    Installation of VALVE AND PUMP packing

History :
Ameri-Force was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1991 with the goal of satisfying the increasing demand for industrial and marine craftsmen. Since then we have grown to the demand of a popular industry. We are happy to serve you and welcome you into the Ameri-Force family. 

Call us for more information: 800-522-8998
email resumes to : or Fax to 904-798-1720