Marine Tank Cleaners

Chesapeake, VA posted on September 18

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    HIRING: Marine Tank Cleaner in Chesapeake, VA

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    Marine Tank Cleaner Job Description

    ·         Maintains good housekeeping practices; turns off machines when not in use

    ·         Disposes of waste properly, sweeps the area, etc.

    ·         Performs bilge maintenance cleaning/pumping operations, general pumping operations, tank/void cleaning, general housekeeping, gas free certification preparation and pumping to include but is not limited to bilges, tanks, voids, berms, pier services, various compartments, trunks, offices, spaces, heads, urinals and other containers that may contain fluids that are undesirable to the customer or for retention for the customer’s intent to re-use.

    ·         Fluids to pump include but are not limited to fresh water, potable water, contaminated seawater, compensating seawater, seawater, chill water, oily waste, oil, fuel (JP-5, DFM or equivalent), greywater, blackwater, and neutralized chlorine water.

    ·         Performs equipment troubleshooting to diagnose problems and report to the Specialist or Foreman.

    Job Requirements

    ·         1 – 3 years years’ on-site experience.

    ·         Ability to follow basic functions to include hose setups, air connections, tank/void cleaning and bilge cleaning/pumping and tank/void watch to include frack tank/tanker truck watch.

    ·         Must be able to climb ladderwells, enter tanks/voids and other confined spaces and take direction from superiors.

    ·         Must be tank/void watch and firewatch qualified.

    ·         Must be able to traverse multiple classes of U.S. Navy warships to include ladderwells, tight compartments, tanks, voids, bilges and heights exceeding 4’.

    ·         Must be able to obtain a RapidGate Badge


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