Machinist and Mechanics with Security Clearance

Chesapeake, VA posted on October 8

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    HIRING: Machinists and Mechanics with Security Clearance in Chesapeake, VA

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    CLP is currently hiring Outside Machinists for an upcoming project in the NNSY, Portsmouth, Virginia area.

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    Outside Machinists Job Description

    ·         Operate machinery, hydraulics, set up and align portable tools in the trade.

    ·         Remove, repair, and install propelling machinery, auxiliary motors, pumps, valves, launchers, discharge machinery, ventilation equipment, steering and diving gear, evaporators, heaters, pumps, condensers, propulsion plants, torpedo tubes, shutter doors, antennas mast mechanical groups (MMG), and periscopes.

    ·         Remove, repair, and install various types of systems such as main and auxiliary machinery including but not limited to: capstan, shaft seals, snorkel induction, snorkel exhaust, mast, and various types of pumps, resilient mounts, valves and valve sub components.

    ·         Accomplish accurate readings/measurements with the use of precision measuring devices that may include but not limited to: Outside Micrometer, Inside Micrometer, Depth Micrometer, Intramik, Dial Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Dial Indicator, Thrust measurement, Perpendicularity (Face) and circular runout (Rim), Universal Bevel Protractor, Feeler Gage, Thread Gage, Small Hole Gage, Telescoping Gage, Press/Temp/Vac. Gages, Torque Wrenches.

    ·         Be able to calculate the working range of a torque wrench.

    ·         Be able to calculate the middle of the working range of a torque wrench.

    ·         Be able to select the correct torque wrench in accordance with UIPI 5050-904.

    ·         Accurately record readings/measurements and complete documentation for the repair using precision measurement standards that include shop math and measurement systems.

    ·         Make-up and torque various mechanical joints as required per the TGI.

    ·         Properly interpret drawings/blueprints, technical manuals and specifications and apply manual skills in disassembling, repairing and building equipment and machinery.

    ·         Test and inspect installed machinery and equipment.

    ·         Properly fill out job tracking sheets and maintain Objective Quality Evidence (OQE), as required by the TGI.

    ·         Broom clean and dispose of debris and foreign matter generated as a result of assigned trade specific task.

    ·         Duties may include lifting and carrying of material weighing up to 50 pounds.

    Job Requirements

    ·         Minimum 2 years’ experience aboard a ship or in shipyard environment

    ·         Current OSHA 10 Maritime Card a plus

    ·         Must pass a drug screen

    ·         Able to obtain a RAPIDGate Badge

    ·         Government Security Clearance Required

    Ideal Candidates

    ·         Experience preferred

    ·         Committed to safety at all times

    ·         Reliable attendance

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