Heavy Equipment Operator

Wytheville, VA posted on January 9

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This position is responsible for operating several types of construction equipment such as dump trucks, bulldozers, front end loaders, graders, tracked excavators or water trucks to excavate, move, grade, and load earth into haul trucks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Learn and follow safety regulations
• Take actions to avoid potential hazards or obstructions, such as utility lines, other equipment, other workers, or falling objects
• Locate underground services, such as pipes or wires, prior to beginning work
• Monitor operations to ensure that health and safety standards are met
• Adjust hand wheels and depress pedals to control attachments, such as blades, buckets, scrapers, or swing booms
• Start engines; move throttles, switches, or levers; or depress pedals to operate machines, such as bulldozers, trench excavators, road graders, or backhoes
• Coordinate machine actions with other activities, position or move loads in response to hand or audio signals from crew members
• Load and move dirt, rocks, equipment, or other materials using trucks, crawler tractors, power cranes, shovels, graders, or related equipment
• Check fuel supplies at sites to ensure adequate availability
• Drive and maneuver equipment with blades in successive passes over working areas to remove topsoil, vegetation, or rocks or to distribute and level earth or terrain


• Follow safety regulations
• Follow instructions and meet set standards
• Judge distances and slopes accurately
• Make decisions based on verifiable standards
• Must be able to stoop, bend, and crouch and use hands, arms, and legs fully
• Must have good vision and hearing (either naturally or with correction)
• Frequently lift up to 80 pounds, and the ability to carry objects weighing 50 pounds or less  
• Work dusty or dirty surroundings
• Pass construction equipment operator qualification testing/observation

Education and Experience: 

• High School Diploma preferred
• Two-three years verifiable and relevant experience