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    HIRING: Firewatch in Chesapeake


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    CLP is currently hiring Firewatch Workers for upcoming positions with a large Navy subcontractor in the Chesapeake, Virginia area.


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    Firewatch Job Description

    •           Prepare work sites for hot work

    •           Identify work location

    •           String welding leads/hose

    •           Stage fire extinguishers

    •           Tie/tape-up fire retarding blankets

    •           Remove burnable debris left by another trade

    •           Identify equipment/services that shall be moved to avoid damage

    •           Locate ventilation lines and install metal preheating devices.

    •           Fire watch: observe hot work operations, be prepared to prevent a fire from occurring and/or sound a general alarm if danger presents.


    Job Requirements

    •           Government Security Clearance aka “Red Badge”

    •           Each person must have at least at least 2 years general experience in a heavy industrial work environment such as ship building, power plant construction, commercial building construction or bridge construction.

    •           At least 3 months of experience fire watching for “hot work” operations in a heavy industrial work environment and shall be currently qualified to stand fire watch duties.

    •           Fire watch laborers shall have had live-fire training, using both CO2 and Air Pressurized Water, as part of their qualification process.

    •           Experience preparing hot work sites, anticipating hazards and covering-up areas/components to contain sparks/slag.


    Ideal Candidates

    •           Experience preferred

    •           Committed to safety at all times

    •           Reliable attendance


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