Electrical Service Technician

Manassas, VA posted on March 2

Beacon Electrical Services is hiring driven people wanting to move into a new career. We are looking to hire several technicians to work with our experienced residential (electrical) service technicians and learn exceptional customer service. If you're looking to make a change from a job getting by day to day and you want a career then this might be the right direction for you. 


  • Minimum 5 years residential service work
  • You need amazing communication skills.
  • Be customer service oriented – fixing a customer is usually harder than fixing the electrical
  • Be able to learn and follow a proven sales process – we’ve got the recipe for a successful service experience and we’re always improving it.
  • Self-Motivated – this is really important because we’ll give you the opportunities and tools you need but no one will babysit you.
  • Experience in residential service
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Unwavering commitment to customer service
  • Flexibility regarding work assignments
  • Exhibit a clear understanding of the necessity of equipment safety
  • Effectively communicate issues, repairs and recommendations to customers
  • Willingness to share knowledge and instruct others

Why would I want to work at Beacon Electrical Services? 

  • Employees love working here – in our annual employee engagement survey, we scored above major companies that set the bar.
  • Customers love us – check out the buzz about Beacon Electrical Services here: BeaconElectricalServicesInc/
  • Awesome benefits for full-time employees, paid time off, paid holidays, paid training, direct deposit, Company provided and GPS enabled trucks, Aflac, LegalShield, and sensitivities to work life balance to name a few.
  • It’s Fun !!! – our weekly training meetings are fun, we have contests to keep things fresh, and nobody takes themselves too seriously (ok, maybe the owner does from time to time).
  • Most importantly, we’re “the electrician you’d send to your Mom’s house.” That’s not just a slogan the marketing department came up with. It really is who we are, we are the people you trust in your home, we’re the people you trust with your wife and kids. Our employees are looking for solutions that are win/win/win – win for our customer, the company, and themselves.
  • You’ll love the fact that we take pride in getting the job done right. No shortcuts and we’ll never rush you through a job so long as you're not sleeping on the job ;)
  • Wow, that sounds great! What’s next? How do I get a job at Beacon Electrical Services?
  • Apply online – I’m sorry to say, this is the hard part. There is an online application, you’ll then be directed to take a series of assessments. The whole process takes 30-45 minutes.
  • Receive a call – We'll call you, if it's a good fit and we will attempt to call everyone unless we get inundated in which case it may not be possible.
  • Interview - if you get called for an interview make sure to look sharp